58 Miles

The true story of CARPATHIA, rescue ship of the TITANIC

In April 1912 CARPATHIA sets sail for Gibraltar.  Unaware of the terrible events onboard TITANIC, Captain Rostron presses on until he receives the distress call ‘CQD’!  TURN AROUND! He, his crew and passengers head for the site of the disaster, through treacherous conditions, to the aid of the largest moving vessel ever created.

The TITANIC story is well known throughout the world – 58 MILES is the true story of the ships involved in her rescue and recovery.  Focussing on the ordinary lives lost or changed forever.  Learn the ultimate fate of the CARPATHIA.

Also included in the Los Angeles Television, Script and Film Festival Santa Monica 13th and 14th November 2021.

Official Selection, Chicago Script Awards, November 2021

July 2022, Finalist
Quarter Finalist – Pitch Now Screenplay, January 2022

Available on Amazon – e-book and paperback.

WGA 1944623